Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tumble into Reading @ the Ridgefield Library

While the news is full of stories about ebooks for adults (Kindle and Nook and their ilk), the Ridgefield Library wants you to know that we offer ebooks for the very young through our website. Tumble Book Library has hundreds of picture books in their collection and more are being added all the time.  The illustrations from the books fill the computer screen, while a narrator reads the book aloud.  The words being read change color so burgeoning readers can follow along.  But picture books are not the only offerings here.  There are puzzles made from book covers, foreign language storybooks, non-fiction titles, and even something called Read Alongs – easy chapter books which have no illustrations, but are still read aloud to help young readers improve their skills. When you click on the Tumble Book Library link on the Children’s page of the Library website, you can make a list of favorite books to return to again and again or you can create a playlist of books, so that your child can enjoy several in row.  We hope you and your little emerging readers will take advantage of Tumble Books.  It is just one of the many useful programs you can find at the Ridgefield Library’s website!

Contributed by Geri Diorio, Teen Services Librarian and Head of Children's Services

Monday, April 18, 2011

P4A for Antiques Research

For those of you out there who have family heirlooms or have had your Great Aunt Wilhelmina leave you a collection of her favorite things, the Ridgefield Library has a database to help you find out what these things are worth.  

It’s called P4A Antiques Reference and can be found on our web page on the Home & Garden section of the Research & Reference pages.  P4A is a searchable database of past auction prices from 1999 to present for antiques, collectibles, and fine art. Auction sales history information includes data from coast-to-coast auction sales on a regular basis of more than thirty major auction houses and on an opportunity basis for several dozen other reputable auction venues. Every record has full color images.  Keyword, origin, classification or date searching is available.  There are reference notes with biographical and historical information. The site contains a Resource Center listing other useful web sites, books, newsletters and appraiser resources as well a list of the recent and forthcoming auctions.

So if you have antique furniture, autographs, books, banks, toys, glass, etc., and you’re feeling a spring tag sale coming on, give P4A Antiques Reference a try.  Hey, you never know… 

Contributed by Head of Reference Services Victoria Carlquist

Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebrate National Library Week with Snapshot Day on Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 13, 2011, the Ridgefield Library, along with libraries all over Connecticut, will be taking a ‘snapshot’ – collecting information to capture the impact that Connecticut libraries have on their communities on a typical day. This is the second Snapshot Day, sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association, the Connecticut State Library, and the Connecticut Library Consortium. Last year, 136 libraries participated.

Last year, on Connecticut’s first Snapshot Day:

·         More than 80,600 people visited Connecticut libraries.

·         People borrowed nearly 100,000 books, DVDs and other materials.

·         Close to 13,000 people used computers at their library.

·         Nearly 10,000 people attended a program or class at a library

·         113,000 people visited Connecticut library websites.

In these difficult economic times, Connecticut’s libraries are busier than ever, with people coming not only to check out books, but use computers, look for a job or attend the many programs our libraries offer.  All across the state, libraries are the cornerstones of their communities, places were people come together to visit, learn and share ideas.On April 13, 2011 we hope once again to capture a slice of life of Connecticut’s libraries, including right here in Ridgefield.  Stop by for free hot beverages and cookies, and share your thoughts about your library.  Borrow a book, use a computer, ask for information or attend a program. Roving photographers will be taking ‘snapshots,’ and we will also be collecting data on how people use our collections, services and programs.  All the information we collect will be compiled and shared at the Library and on our website and the statewide Snapshot Day site. 

For more information, contact Assistant Library Director Mary Rindfleisch at 203-438-2282 x1009 or Hope to see you on the 13th!