Thursday, December 27, 2012

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Whether you visited the Ridgefield Library this past year at 472 Main Street or 21 Governor Street (or both!), you know it’s what’s inside that counts.  What did you find inside your Library this year?

  • Shelter from the storm: power, warmth, Internet access, company and entertainment following Superstorm Sandy
  • ·         A welcoming and open environment after school for students to study, make friends or just hang out – without bullying or peer pressure
  • ·         JobNow, Learning Express and other online resources, how-to books and assistance from librarians in your job search
  • ·         An introduction to Charles Dickens, Marcel Proust and dozens of other authors featured in book discussions
  • ·         Encouragement of early childhood skills development through Mother Goose, Baby & Me and other storytimes
  • ·         Assistance in mastering new technologies, such as downloadable eBooks
  • ·         The latest books from your favorite authors, plus personalized recommendations of new writers to get to know
  • ·         Myriad opportunities to exchange grow.

Help us keep the Ridgefield Library full of all the things you value. Join the family of donors to our 2012-2013 Annual Appeal at  Thank you for your support!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Ridgefield Library: None of the Above – or All of the Above?

Don’t you hate being forced to choose one word or phrase from a list to describe yourself?  Faced recently with the need to pigeonhole the Ridgefield Library on a form, my first instinct was to look for the box that said “None of the Above.”  Here were my choices:

·         “Educational Institution” isn’t quite right.  Although we are dedicated to the promotion of literacy and the support of lifelong learning, in and out of schools, public libraries have other roles as well.

·         “Culture & the Arts” doesn’t quite do it either, despite the hundreds of performances, exhibits, workshops and other cultural and artistic offerings we present each year.

·         “Human/Social Services” falls short, although we do provide much crucial information on a wide range of issues.

·         “Government Agency” is also off the mark.  The town does grant us 75% of our operating budget each year, but the Ridgefield Library is an independent 501 (c )(3) organization that manages its own finances, owns its own property and raises nearly $500,000 each year from non-governmental sources.

While all of these choices are inadequate separately in describing the multifaceted Ridgefield Library, they do all have a kernel of truth.  Perhaps we need an “All of the Above” box to check instead!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Temporary Library Location Still Technology Rich

A commonly overheard statement lately in our temporary location has been, “I didn’t know you had that available!”  This comment has referred mostly to our smaller yet still impressive collection of books, audiobooks, DVDs and other library materials.  During the last few weeks though, especially following Superstorm Sandy, that statement took on a different target.  People from around Ridgefield came in droves to warm up, charge their electronics and use our wired and wireless Internet. 

Did you know that we currently offer the following types of technology?

  • Free unlimited wireless Internet access (all you need is your library barcode!)
  •  Free wired Internet access - 16 Windows XP Professional computers with programs including Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader (some time limits apply to ensure equitable access)
  • Access to over 50 Library-funded databases that cover a wide range of topics including Business, Finance, Job Searches, Language, Test Preparation and Travel
  • Downloadable audiobooks and eBooks available through our Overdrive service
  • Color scanner (useful for creating PDFs or JPGs)
  • Black & color computer print-outs and photocopies for a modest charge

 Don’t just wait for another power outage!  Come in for a visit and enjoy what the Ridgefield Library offers you on an every day basis!

 Contributed by Network Administrator Anthony Cacciola.