Friday, August 31, 2012

Smaller Space, But Plenty to Pick From @ Interim Library

Our temporary location on Governor Street is considerably smaller than the present building, but there will still be plenty of materials from which to pick.  We will have app. 50% of our current collections available, spread across different categories.  Our librarians have gone through the shelves over the past few weeks, carefully selecting those items they think will be most in demand. Children and teens will find many of their old favorites, from Curious George to Harry Potter to “Twilight,” along with a good selection of non-fiction to support school assignments. Most subject areas in adult non-fiction will be represented, including all the travel material. The most sought-after adult fiction and mystery authors and series will be available, along with a sampling of large print and science fiction. Almost all of the audiobooks and DVDs will be available, plus music CDs, videogames, Book Club Corner titles and other popular items.

We will continue to purchase new items in all categories, so you won’t miss out on any new releases. And, of course, anything you can’t find on our shelves can be requested easily through Inter-Library Loan, much of it right on the Bibliomation online catalog, and will be delivered within just a few days.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Library Continues to Be a Hot Spot

Despite Irene and the “Snowtober” storm and a troublesome computer upgrade that left us without circulation capabilities for several days, Ridgefielders continued to use their Library at an exceptionally high rate in 2011-2012.

·         Our total headcount was 373,125, just over 1,100 visitors a day.

·         Even with the advent of eBooks, Ridgefielders checked out 380,179 items.  That’s an average of 15.3 items for every person in town – well above the state average of just over 9.

·         The number of reference questions fielded went up a whopping 10%, reflecting people’s continued awareness that they can benefit from the skill and knowledge of trained librarians to navigate and analyze the glut of information in cyberspace.

·         Use of library computers was up nearly 50% and wireless sessions rose by 38%, both driven no doubt by the Library’s role as a refuge from our freak storms and their aftermath.

·         The popularity of our programs continued to skyrocket, with the number of programs and attendance at both children’s and adult events increasing significantly. As just one example, participation in the 2011 Summer Reading Program was at an all-time high of 1,553 children and teens.

Even though we will be in smaller quarters in the coming year, we encourage all of you to continue to visit your Library often!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Program Changes Coming to Library in Temporary Space

Taking up temporary residence at the former Balducci’s location will provide some interesting challenges for Library staff and patrons. One area where this will be most evident is in the scheduling of programs. We will have just one modest sized room to accommodate all of our children’s, teen and adult programs, along with staff and Board meetings.  It will also have to serve as staff workroom and even lunchroom!  This means we will be unable to provide any meeting or separate study room space for use by community book clubs, tutors or others.  Some programs, such as the Hollister Film Series, will be temporarily suspended due to the limitations of the space.

Many of your favorite programs such as Mother Goose and Books & Breakfast will continue, but at alternative locations around town. We are fortunate that several community organizations have stepped up to host Library events.  Parks & Recreation, the Boys & Girls Club, Keeler Tavern Museum and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum are four locations where you will find us this fall, and more partnerships are being finalized for special programs such as Ridgefield Folk.  

For full details, visit and click on “Program Updates.”

Friday, August 3, 2012

We’re Moving Forward...Very Soon!

As most people know, we will be moving to the former Balducci’s/HayDay location during construction of the New Ridgefield Library and we will have to close up shop completely for app. 2 weeks during August to make the physical move.  More details of services available during interim operations will be forthcoming, but we wanted first to advise you of how you can prepare for the time we are closed.

·         We will not be able to check items out, so stock up on reading, viewing and listening materials.
·         We will not be able to accept Inter-Library Loan requests between 8/1 and 9/4, but you are welcome to use your library card at any other public library in the state. Book clubs should contact us immediately about their needs.

·         We will not be able to check items in, so due dates will be adjusted as we move through the month, with all items to be returned after Labor Day.  No fines will be applicable.

·         Renew your card if it will expire soon or get a new card now if you don’t have one, so you can take advantage of our online services while the building itself is closed.

Much more information is available at