Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seniors, Teens and Wii

Teenagers sometimes seem to be a different species, depicted in the media as lazy, self-centered and interested in music, movies and other pursuits nearly incomprehensible to their elders. Well, at the Ridgefield Library, we think that there is more to admire in both teenagers and their favorite pastimes than meets the eye. A dedicated and talented group of young people make up the Library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG), which helps to plan and implement programs and services for middle and high schoolers. They have assisted with reorganizing collections, served as a focus group for publishers’ representatives specializing in young adult literature, created book displays to entice other readers and much more. In addition to making the Library a stimulating and welcoming place for their own peer group, TAG members also serve as ambassadors to older and younger Ridgefielders, donning story book character costumes to entertain young children and lending a helping hand to new readers as volunteers with the Library’s Summer Reading Program.

The latest intergenerational endeavor is coming up on Wednesday, July 25th, when members of TAG will travel to Founders Hall for a 2:30 seminar called “What’s Wii?” Perhaps best known for its Guitar Hero game, Nintendo’s Wii is one of the hottest youth crazes today. But video games are not just for kids! “Wii video game system becomes new tool for hospital rehab unit,” trumpets one recent headline, and numerous studies show that older adults can gain important physical and psychological benefits from the Wii. This electronic game system has people of all ages bowling, playing golf and tennis and swinging a hula hoop - all in their living rooms.

If you are a member of Founders Hall, do join us to learn about the Wii phenomenon. You’ll not only hear about it, you’ll have a chance to play – and to meet some of the Library’s exemplary young adults.

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