Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Very Busy Library

A barrage of media reports recently have highlighted the way people turn increasingly to libraries in tough economic times. In fact, the Ridgefield Library is slated to be featured in a New York Times article on the topic within the next few weeks. For the first half of the year, check-outs are up nearly 7%, and there are times when as many as 1,400 people come to the Library on a single day. As any visitor to the building can tell you, so much activity going on in such a cramped space can put a strain on resources and patience. From job seekers researching potential employers to parents seeking free and worthwhile activities for their youngsters, there are a lot of competing demands for space and attention. We could use your assistance to make sure everyone’s library experience is enjoyable and fulfilling.

  • Use your “library voices,” and encourage children with you to do the same. We have very little isolated space for quiet study, and ask that you remain mindful of those around you trying to read or study.

  • Do not leave children under the age of 6 unaccompanied anywhere in the Library. With so much traffic through the building, little ones can become frightened or lost if their adult companion is not near at hand. Further, Library policy requires that an adult caregiver remain in Children’s Services (NOT down the hallway or out at CVS) when their preschool child is in a storytime or other program, in case your child requires your attention.

  • Save time and inconvenience by always bringing your library card with you and having it ready when you approach the Circulation Desk, either to use the self-service check-out station or for staff assistance.

Thanks for your help in keeping the Ridgefield Library a pleasant place for all.

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