Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bill Wyman Joins Library Board

We are continuing this month with our profiles of new members of the Ridgefield Library Board of Directors. This week we get to know William Wyman, who has a long and rich history of involvement with Ridgefield organizations. Bill and his wife Barbara have lived in Ridgefield since 1975 and have four children, all graduates of the Ridgefield school system.

Bill’s professional career has spanned several areas that will be useful to the Library in its marketing and communications efforts:

  • First, focusing on getting consumer products to market (sales and sales management) with companies like Procter & Gamble and Clorox;
  • Later, understanding what drives consumers to make decisions (marketing research) with MAJERS and Nielsen;
  • Currently, helping organizations as a consultant to market their products more effectively and efficiently.

Of his role on the Library Board, Bill says, “There are a limited number of organizations that truly make a difference in a community-- a good library is one of the most important. Ridgefield’s Library serves a greater percentage of the town’s population annually than any other organization and yet its purpose/role is not understood by many. My goal is to help expand the community’s awareness of the benefits that the Library provides.”

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