Thursday, October 29, 2009

Give Mango Foreign Language Learning System a Try

Interested in learning or becoming more proficient in a foreign language?   The Ridgefield Library is here to support your efforts.  Responding to the proliferation of new products and formats, we are continually looking to expand our language learning collection to serve you better.  

Pimsleur language learning selections are no longer available as part of our NetLibrary downloadable audiobook service.   We are exploring several other options, including interactive computer-based programs, and would like your input.

This month, we are running a trial of Mango Languages, an online language-learning system offering instruction in speaking skills for a wide variety of languages.  Mango uses real-life situations to teach a new language.  By listening to and repeating material from native conversations, the user learns the language and how to use it in practical situations, while being introduced to elements of grammar and conjugation.

You can access the Mango Languages trial by visiting our website at, or you can try it at the Library.  Once you have sampled Mango Languages, e-mail your feedback to  Please include reactions to the Mango 2.0 Technology Preview when commenting about whether this is a resource the Library should consider purchasing. Thanks for your help.

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