Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Get What You Want @ the Library

Here’s how to improve your success rate in receiving items requested from the Ridgefield Library.

• If you place a reserve on an item our catalog lists as being in, please wait for confirmation that the item has been located and is ready for your pick-up.

• If our copy of something is out, first place a request in our catalog rather than going out to an external source. In most cases, this will automatically trigger a request to our 40 sister libraries in Bibliomation, and the first available copy will be shipped here for your use. The statewide catalog, referred to as or reQuest, only gets updates from many libraries periodically (Ridgefield information is sent once a quarter) so does not accurately reflect our current holdings or availability.

• If you want to reserve a specific number of a multi-part DVD series, ask a staff person to help you. The public catalog interface only allows you to place a request on a title in general, but we can get behind the scenes to select a particular volume.

• Ask for assistance! Our staff is trained in the intricacies of navigating the various catalog and Inter-Library Loan systems, and we are happy to help.

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