Friday, October 15, 2010

Things to Know about your Library Card

Things to know about your Library Card. It:
• allows us to access your account at least 14 times faster by scanning than by looking you up (and thereby helps keep any line at Circulation moving along – even more so if you have it ready to present when you approach the desk);
• has two parts if you have the keychain version, and it is important to keep both parts in your possession – for your security, and also you may need the main card to register at some libraries;
• must be current to use self-checkout, borrow from other Libraries, maintain your LibraryELF subscription, and renew items online (you must re-register with LibraryELF if the card expires);
• can be used at any public Library in Connecticut (but not beyond);
• valid for two years (renewal just takes a minute but must be done in person with the card and ID)
• can be replaced if lost for a $1.00 fee if you present ID;
• comes in a special edition for $5.00 if you would like to show your “Ridgefield Library colors.”

Circulation staff will be glad to answer any questions you have!

Contributed by Trevor Gladwin, Head of Circulation

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