Thursday, August 4, 2011

Library Offers Many Music Recordings

Looking for a place to get music CDs in Ridgefield?  The Library has a collection of over 2,000 recordings in a broad range of genres, and we’ve just reorganized our CDs to make finding music more user-friendly. 

The Library offers current top-sellers as well as enduring favorites by a wide range of artists in pop, rock, folk, country western and jazz.  Fans of our Ridgefield Folk series will find CDs by many of the artists who have appeared, and our comprehensive world music collection represents most regions and nations.  Our recordings of movies and Broadway musicals now live in a new browser that makes it easy to locate your favorite film or show tunes.  

The Library’s wide array of classical music CDs ranges from symphonies and chamber music to works for solo piano and strings.  Want to listen to an opera or ballet before going to a live performance or HD broadcast?   We have recordings of most classical works that are being performed in the greater metropolitan area.

Finally, can’t remember the name of the song or musical work that’s stuck in your head?  We’d love the challenge of identifying it and locating a recording for you.

Contributed by Adult Services Librarian Dorothy Pawlowski

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