Thursday, September 1, 2011

Library a Refuge after the Storm

The Ridgefield Library suffered power outages, along with most of the town, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday last week.  But once we were up and running, we became a source of power for thousands.  On our first day open after the storm, 2,846 people came to the Library – more than double our normal daily average of 1,200 visitors! 

And what did they do here?  Here’s one sample, posted on our Facebook page by a grateful patron: "Library is a huge asset. I charged my computer, IPAD, droid and another cell phone and conducted a 3 hour meeting all from Ridgefield Public Library. Thank you!"  Accessing the Internet via our computers or wireless network was a top priority for many, along with charging various devices.  We outfitted every available space with tables and chairs and power strips to accommodate the largest number we could.

With lack of power and the delay of the start of school, many families had kids itchy with boredom, so we provided ad hoc children’s programs, including crafts, board games, movies and a special Friday evening storytime.

While we couldn’t fix every storm-related problem, we are proud that the Ridgefield Library was able to be a vital resource for our town in a time of trouble.

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