Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Titanic Floats On in People’s Imaginations

Next week marks the 100th anniversary of an event that has fascinated generations of historians, novelists, adventurers and schoolchildren – the April 15, 1912 sinking of the Titanic.  This one story seems to have all the elements human beings require in a legend – romance, villainy, heroism, cowardice, greed, sacrifice and the irony of fate.

Whatever your interest in this historical incident, the Library has many materials to help you explore all things Titanic.  Check our current displays of novels, coffeetable volumes, picture books, young adult stories, mysteries, time travel tales, biographies, accounts of undersea exploration, historical non-fiction, musicals and, of course, James Cameron’s epic film version.

Our collection ranges from the tried and true (Walter Lord’s classic 1955 “A Night to Remember”) to the brand new.  And we have a special treat in store for children in grades 2 and older.  On Tuesday, April 10 at 4:30, the Library, along with Books on the Common, will present a visit with Barry Denenberg, author of the new book “Titanic Sinks!”, which promises readers will “Experience the Titanic’s Doomed Voyage in this Unique Presentation of Fact and Fiction.”  What a great chance for yet another generation to become hooked on this iconic story!

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