Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is iCONN?

iCONN is part of the Connecticut Education Network which provides all students, faculty and residents with online access to essential library and information resources. Administered by the Connecticut State Library in conjunction with local libraries, iCONN offers a core level of information resources including secured access to accurate, reliable databases. 

Logging on to, one can find magazine articles, reference books, newspaper articles, images and more.  iCONN serves a variety of needs including student homework, business and consumer health research, and genealogy.  Magazine and newspaper databases targeting different age groups and needs make iCONN a valuable and useful resource for students of all ages from kindergarten through college, as well as the general public.  Among the resources are:  the full-text of The Hartford Courant back to 1992, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and biography, science and history databases.  There are also dictionaries and encyclopedias, subject guides to Internet resources, a large collection of primary source materials, and a statewide catalog of library holdings. 

Try exploring this free resource available to you and your children.   All you need is a Connecticut library card number to use this rich information source from school, the Ridgefield Library or your home computer with Internet access.   

Submitted by Victoria Carlquist, Head of Information Services

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