Thursday, May 30, 2013

Parents Say Libraries Are Important for their Children, New Study Reports

A new study on Parents, Children, Libraries, and Reading from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project affirms what many librarians and library users already know – that libraries are recognized as being very important in the daily lives and development of children.  The latest data from the prestigious Research Center belies critics’ contentions that libraries are no longer relevant and gives important data to help libraries plan for their future service to this important population.

94% of parents surveyed said libraries are important for their children and 79% described libraries as “very important.”  The main reasons cited for parents’ enthusiasm for libraries are that libraries help inculcate their children’s love of reading and books and that libraries provide their children with information and resources not available at home.   The study goes on to highlight how children use libraries: 87% visit the library to borrow books, 55% to do school work, 46% to attend an event and 37% to use the Internet.   While also excited about potential new offerings, especially in the technology area, these families clearly value the core services libraries such as ours provide for children and families.

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