Monday, April 28, 2014

It’s an Adventure, But Hardly a Vacation

Several people have asked what staff members are going to do on their “vacation” the next few weeks while the Library is closed.  While we may not be checking out books, conducting storytimes or answering computer questions, we will be plenty busy as we move and get established in the new library space.

We have to pack up all of our offices and work areas, then settle into new quarters, many in very different configurations from what we have been accustomed to.  We have to learn how to use new security, phone and public address systems.  There are new technologies such as print and time management, interactive whiteboards and assistive listening systems to master.  Collections need to be organized on the shelves, and program supplies unpacked.

We will be learning how to program and use environmental controls to maintain the building at comfortable and efficient levels of heating, cooling and lighting. We will be practicing procedures for opening the building for the day, closing it at night and evacuating it in case of emergency. And, for good measure, we even need to make the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 – a task many of you can relate to!

See you on May 9th for the start of Opening Weekend.

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