Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's Picture Book Month

Read it again!  We’ve all heard those enthusiastic words.  The times we share reading a story to a child are treasured memories. It’s a child’s first time being read to and their first introduction to the visual arts.  These positive reading experiences help them develop into life-long readers and learners.
A picture book is much more than a simple story with pictures. A well-crafted story is born of an author’s imagination. The artist’s illustrations are essential as they are created to reveal more of the story.  Within 32 pages and sometimes in even fewer sentences, a skilled writer and illustrator create a story that takes us on a magical adventure certain to capture your heart.  It can make us giggle, weep, imagine and reminisce.  We will find wild things, Martin’s words, an unimaginary friend and frogs on flying lily pads.

November is Picture Book Month - a good excuse to check out some picture books, no matter your age. Sharing stories with a child is priceless and creates life-long memories.  Next time a child says, “Read it again,” be assured they are asking for precious time with you as well.

You can see some of our staff's favorites on our FlickR page at https://flic.kr/s/aHskpRFrfJ

Contributed by Gayle Pulley, Head of Children's Services

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