Thursday, April 28, 2016

Important Service Notification for Ridgefield Library Borrowers

For the foreseeable future we will no longer process requests for items we do not own. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause many of our regular patrons.

We are experiencing a problem affecting the entire state of Connecticut which is not related to the budget woes of the state.  Our once reliable delivery system has changed radically, and currently books and other items moving from one community to another can take more than 6 weeks to get delivered to the right spot.

Therefore, if you would like to place a hold on a title we own during this uncertain time, PLEASE go to a service desk (Circulation Desk, Adult Desk, Children’s Desk) and do not place holds yourself through the catalog. We ask for your cooperation with this, as it will only put additional strain on the system.

You may elect to travel to another library, in a neighboring community or elsewhere across the state, to pick up a book from their building. Our staff can guide you in locating and confirming availability.

Staff will also be happy to help you find alternatives, such as digital copies of some titles, or discussion suggestions available in our Book Club Corner.

Since items are also not being returned in a timely manner to their owning libraries, you may receive an overdue notice for something you borrowed elsewhere and returned here (or vice versa).  Please bring this to the attention of the circulation staff.

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