Friday, August 12, 2016

Lost and Found @ the Library

With more than 800 people visiting the Library each day, in all kinds of weather and for many different purposes, we wind up with quite a collection of lost and found items waiting for retrieval.  There are umbrellas; jackets, scarves and gloves; device chargers; eyeglasses; water bottles; car keys; jewelry; personal documents left in the copier; school texts and student notebooks; and medical paperwork used as bookmarks by people spending time in doctor and hospital waiting rooms.  Our hearts go out especially to the youngsters who have inadvertently left behind a treasured pacifier, security blanket or stuffed animal friend.

One of the most unusual items found recently was a framed vintage photograph left in the copy machine near the adult reference desk.  The Ridgefield Historical Society helped us identify the subject -  Geraldine Farrar, a popular opera star of the early 20th century who lived for many years in Ridgefield.  While local historians and opera lovers frequently inquire about Farrar, we haven’t a clue who may have left her picture behind.

If you think you may have lost this photo, or any other items, please inquire at the Circulation Desk so we can get these objects back to their proper homes.

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