Thursday, May 18, 2017

Library Helps Address Community Concerns

For many, a library is a place to come for peace and quiet, or to lose oneself in another time and place through a good book.  But contemporary libraries also serve as venues for discussion of serious and timely issues affecting their communities. The Ridgefield Library partners regularly with nonprofit groups, government agencies and other concerned citizens to inform, educate and encourage dialogue on several important topics.

With the League of Women Voters, we organized a panel discussion on Civility in Politics following the election. Working with the school district, we will be offering a presentation in June on how to acquire the information and media literacy necessary to navigate the fake news epidemic. 

The ongoing Parenting the Selfie Generation series brings together a wide range of partners to provide parents, teachers and community leaders with expert data and strategies for dealing with the many aspects of raising a resilient child in today’s world, from sexting and other social media trends to teen sleeping and eating habits.  

With the Ridgefield Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse, Ridgefield Prevention Council and others, we have hosted numerous programs touching on issues related to drugs, alcohol and safe and healthy use of technology, including the Council’s Parent Circle discussions for parents of children at key transitional ages.

Upcoming programs will focus on teen mental health and drug and alcohol use. Check our website at for the latest schedule of events.

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