Thursday, August 23, 2007

Magazines Now More Accessible

It was recently suggested to us that the Ridgefield Library could do more to make magazines available to readers in our community. Subscription prices continually increase, and not everyone wants to spend such exorbitant amounts on something as ephemeral as a newsweekly or lifestyle monthly. In response, we have made all back issues of periodicals, from Adoptive Families to Zoobooks, available for borrowing. Previously, numerous publications were restricted solely for use in the Library. With the advent of full-text online versions, we no longer need to keep the hard copies for reference in order to be able to access the important information they contain.

We continue to reserve the current issue of all magazines for use on the premises, to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy it while it is “hot.” Once the next issue arrives, however, this and all older issues can be taken out and brought home to browse at your leisure. We retain up to 3 years worth of back issues, so you will have plenty of gardening advice, cooking tips, book reviews, learned articles and home decor ideas at your fingertips.

All in all, the Library subscribes to some 250 magazines in print format for all ages and tastes, from Sesame Street to Electronic Gaming Monthly to Kiplinger’s Retirement Report. In addition, online indexes provide access to the full text of over 1700 periodicals, including many that are too specialized or expensive for a modest-sized public library to purchase independently. This not only expands the scope of publications we can offer, but sophisticated searching capabilities help find that elusive article read once upon a time but only partially remembered. So whether you are doing scholarly research or just searching for a recipe, you can look to the Ridgefield Library’s magazine offerings for free and fast assistance.

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