Thursday, May 15, 2008

Turn to Your Library When Times Get Tough

I was intrigued by the special coverage in the Danbury News-Times recently about the local impact of the shaky economy. Libraries were mentioned in article after article as great places to save money while still enjoying many favorite activities. In fact, libraries typically experience a surge in use when times are tough, and the Ridgefield Library’s usage statistics over the past few months bear this out. Here are a few of the ways the Ridgefield Library can help you weather these trying times.

· Instead of spending $50 or more taking the family to the multiplex, come to our Hollister Film Series every other Tuesday afternoon and evening. We’ll even throw in the popcorn for free!

· Give up on Netflix and get your DVDs from the Library. We don’t deliver to your door, but we will call or e-mail you when the title you have requested is available for your use.

· Why buy that expensive audiobook you will only listen to once? Borrow one for free on cassette or CD or available for download anytime, anywhere to an MP3 player.

· Take in a concert, lecture or art show locally instead of spending precious gas money on trips to the big city. Our Ridgefield Folk concert series features world class talent, and the artists on exhibit in the Dayton Program Room Gallery are top notch.

· Do you really need all those magazine subscriptions? The Library carries over 200 popular titles in print (available for borrowing) and offers full-text editions of hundreds more online.

Of course, we don’t want to dissuade you from patronizing local businesses or arts organizations, but if you are looking for ways to stretch your dollar to afford their offerings, make the Ridgefield Library a regular part of your family’s routine.

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