Thursday, July 3, 2008

Down to Earth Practical Tips with a Fancy Name

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “electronic databases?” This is the unfortunately obscure term that the library world has adopted to describe a multitude of information resources that are available in a computerized format. Many people are familiar with the online versions of encyclopedias like World Book. Students and researchers know about the newest generation of periodical indexes that feature full-text articles and have replaced the old multi-volume print reference sets. Genealogy research and investment analysis services are used by an increasing number of people.

But I bet very few would associate the words “electronic database” with practical advice on topics such as planning a remodeling project, caring for an aging lawn mower or replacing the fan belt in your car. Take a look at the “Research” section on the Library’s website at, and you’ll find the Home Improvement, Small Engine Repair and Automobile Repair Reference Centers from EBSCO, a premiere publisher of reference information of all types.

The reference centers include technical service bulletins, recall notices and parts specifications on all kinds of vehicles and gadgets; video clips that demonstrate repair techniques; how-to articles and lay-out diagrams for common do-it-yourself tasks; tips from the pros; and much more. Have a plumbing emergency after working hours? With a wireless Internet connection and a laptop, you can even log on and have all this valuable information at your finger tips, any time of day or night – right where the problem is.

So, whether you want to remodel your home to be more environmentally conscious or just need a part number for a used car acquired without an owner’s manual, give the EBSCO Reference Centers a try – all brought to you by the Ridgefield Library.

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