Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Self-Checkout Provides Express Service

Serve yourself! That’s the message of the new self-service Express Checkout station at the Ridgefield Library. Just walk up to the special computer touchscreen at the Circulation Desk, scan your library card, and you are on your way. A simple-to-follow set of onscreen instructions is supplemented by audio cues to help you check out your selections quickly and easily. Any type of item may be borrowed at the Express Checkout, including DVDs and audiobooks. When done, touch “Finish” and you’ll get a printed receipt detailing the due dates of the items you have just checked out. Self-checkout is simple to use, even for people with minimal computer experience. Give it a try today – library staff is right at hand to answer any questions.

Here are a few tips for using Express Checkout:

  1. You must have your physical library card with you to use the system, which operates solely by scanning (no keyboard entry or name look-up).
  2. Your card must be up-to-date, and your account must be free of blocks caused by fines or lost item charges in excess of $5.00. You will need to seek the assistance of staff to clear up any irregularities before using Express Checkout.
  3. Waiting list books, Inter-Library Loans and other special items must be collected at the regular circulation counter.

Express Checkout is designed to expedite routine transactions, and there may be times when the system directs you to a staff person to take care of business such as fines or lost items. Of course, you can opt at any time for traditional service from our circulation staff, who are always happy to help you.

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