Thursday, June 18, 2009

Downloadable Audiobooks Now Available for the iPod

Here's some good news from Adult Services Librarian Dorothy Pawlowski.

The Ridgefield Library is pleased to announce that NetLibrary, our downloadable audiobook service, is now iPod compatible.

The Library offers Ridgefield residents a wide selection of downloadable audiobooks, or eAudiobooks as they are known in the trade, that can be accessed from our website Until now, eAudiobooks were only available to those with Windows-based computers and portable players. However, now over 500 titles in NetLibrary are in MP3 format, making them Apple and iPod compatible.

We wish we could tell you that all of the over 1,800 titles on NetLibrary can be played on an iPod, but due to the world of digital rights management, only a portion of the offerings are available. These titles do include a wide range of fiction including mysteries by Alexander McCall Smith and Anne Perry, contemporary fiction by the likes of Anne Tyler and John LeCarré, and non-fiction including selections from the Modern Scholar series, college courses in audio format.

Upgrades to NetLibrary have streamlined the procedure for downloads. The new Media Center, available from the NetLibrary homepage, makes it a one-click process and formats titles with multiple tracks for listening convenience. So if you haven’t tried an eAudiobook recently, visit the Library’s website and see and hear what you’re missing.

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