Saturday, July 17, 2010

Americans with Disabilities Act Turns 20

It has been 20 years since passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the town of Ridgefield is currently commemorating this occasion.  Led by the Commission for the Disabled, numerous organizations are helping to shine a spotlight on the ADA, the ways it has improved the quality of life for so many Americans, and the enormous amount of work still to be done to ensure universal access.

Here at the Ridgefield Library, we invite people to stop by from the 21st through the end of this month and take our Accessibility Challenge.  Pick up a quiz sheet and see how hard it is to complete simple tasks in a facility that is not truly accessible.  We’ll even have a wheelchair available so you can experience firsthand the difficulties faced by people with disabilities every day:  bathrooms that are not ADA compliant; aisles in the stacks that are barely wide enough for a wheelchair and do not provide adequate turnaround space; books stored on high and low shelves that are out of reach for people with many physical limitations.

We will also be showcasing special library services available for people with disabilities, along with many resources to educate and inspire all in the fight for universal access.

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