Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mango Language Learning Programs Now Available

Thanks to support from the Friends of the Ridgefield Library, we are now pleased to offer the Mango Languages online language learning system. Mango is a web-based program that can be used at the Library or accessed at home, school or anywhere Internet access is available. All you need is your Ridgefield Library card.

Mango was selected after several months of trials of different language learning systems, during which it got the highest ratings from Ridgefielders for ease of use and functionality. It offers 23 languages (with more coming soon), ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese and including the most requested languages such as French, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It also includes numerous ESL courses. Offerings include both Basic and Complete courses in most languages.

The interactive Mango methodology teaches four key language components simultaneously – vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture – and allows users to learn at their own pace, customizing the learning environment to their own preferences. It emphasizes practical skills and everyday conversation to get the user up and talking right away, along with exercises to strengthen retention and comprehension.

To give Mango a try, visit our website at and follow the link.


Anonymous said...

How do log on to the Mango Language learning program? Although the instructions say "follow the link," when I click on it I come back to the same page. I'm interested in a Latin program if one is available. Thanks.

Mary Rindfleisch said...

On the main page of our website, click on the Mango graphic or the words "get started" in the announcement about this new service. This brings you to the log-in page for Mango Languages. Either click on "Start Learning" or "Create a Profile" if you wish to track your progress. I'm afraid Latin is not one of the current offerings, as this program is focused on learning what is needed to engage in real-life conversation in languages widely used around teh world today.

Mary Rindfleisch said...

Received via email from a grateful patron:

Many thanks to all those responsible for this wonderful program. Formidable. Merci encore!