Thursday, January 13, 2011

Library Delivers to the Homebound

During the winter months, navigating in snow and ice can be especially challenging for those with medical issues, and incapacitating falls are all too common at this time of year.    However, rest assured that if you can’t make it to the Library, we’ll come to you.   Through the Library’s Homebound Delivery Service, library materials can be delivered right to your door.

This service is available on a long-term or short-term basis to all Ridgefield residents.  Whether you are out of commission for a few weeks or have ongoing needs, Homebound Delivery gives you access to books, large print titles, audiobooks, music CDs, and movies from the Library’s collection.  To initiate this service, contact Adult Services Librarian Dorothy Pawlowski, who’ll meet with you to determine what types of material you want to receive. You’ll be matched up with one of our dedicated volunteer drivers, who will drop off and pick up selections on a weekly basis as needed.   When you are ready for new items, a staff member will be available to make recommendations that match your specific interests.   

If you know anyone who would benefit from the Library’s Homebound Delivery Service, please help spread the word.

Contributed by Adult Services Librarian Dorothy Pawlowski

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