Thursday, January 6, 2011

Borrow a Kill A Watt @ your Library

As your electric bill increases, have you ever wondered how much your appliances, especially the older ones, are costing you?  The Ridgefield Library can loan you a device called the Kill A Watt, an electricity usage monitor, that can help you calculate the cost of running each one by determining how many kilowatts per hour your appliances use . 
The Kill A Watt works like this. It is plugged into an outlet, and appliances are then plugged into it.  In order to get an accurate reading, the appliance should be plugged into the Kill A Watt for at least 24 hours.  Using an extension cord or power strip for those hard-to-reach outlets makes getting a reading easier.  Included with the device are detailed use instructions and an example of the formula for figuring your cost per year per appliance.
There are several  Kill A Watts available for loan at the Reference Desk thanks to the Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment (RACE).  These are checked out like other library materials and may be borrowed for two weeks with one renewal.  Fines are .10 per day.  Borrow one and discover the costs, to the environment and your pocketbook, of running or leaving electronic gear on day and night.

Contributed by Victoria Carlquist, Head of Reference Services

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