Friday, December 9, 2011

The Changing Face of Library Science

It is a truism that our interactions with libraries are changing as we (and they) adapt to the evolving digital world.  To explore this theme, the Artspace gallery in New Haven is presenting an exhibition entitled “Library Science,” for which they invited 17 artists to contemplate our physical, intellectual and personal relationships with libraries.  The results include an intriguing mix of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and Web-based art work, on display at Artspace through January 28th. You can also explore the exhibition online at

Concurrently, the gallery has teamed up with the Connecticut Library Consortium to host a statewide festival of films in which libraries play a central role.  At 7 PM on December 12th the Ridgefield Library will be presenting the documentary “The Man Who Wanted to Classify the World,” a 2002 film about the Belgian visionary Paul Otlet, who in the 1930s created a classification system that foreshadowed the  hypertext that defines our navigation of the World Wide Web. Dr. Gayle Bogel, director of the Educational Technology Program at Fairfield University, will lead a post-screening discussion on the themes of the film and the exhibition.   Please join us to explore the present and future of Library Science in our lives.

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