Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting Ready to Read @ the Ridgefield Library

Striving to meet the growing needs of our young patrons, the Ridgefield Library is adding a new class to our winter children’s programs. Designed for children ages three and older, Ready to Read is a drop in workshop for children and caregivers that will help to reinforce pre-reading skills through books and fun activities. Children will receive practice that encourages phonological awareness, letter recognition, narrative skills and vocabulary enrichment. Using literature and games that can also be played at home, children will talk, sing, manipulate and have guided reading experiences. Ways to use science and math to encourage dialog and critical thinking skills will be demonstrated. Ideas from the Every Child Ready to Read program developed by the Public Library Association will be used together with current research –based information on skills necessary for achievement in Kindergarten. The class will take place on seven Thursdays from Jan. 5 through Feb. 16, from 2:00 – 2:45PM in Children’s Services . Children who are ready to read will be ready to learn and the Library hopes to encourage them along their way to success! 

Contributed by Children's Programmer Diane Antezzo

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