Friday, August 17, 2012

Program Changes Coming to Library in Temporary Space

Taking up temporary residence at the former Balducci’s location will provide some interesting challenges for Library staff and patrons. One area where this will be most evident is in the scheduling of programs. We will have just one modest sized room to accommodate all of our children’s, teen and adult programs, along with staff and Board meetings.  It will also have to serve as staff workroom and even lunchroom!  This means we will be unable to provide any meeting or separate study room space for use by community book clubs, tutors or others.  Some programs, such as the Hollister Film Series, will be temporarily suspended due to the limitations of the space.

Many of your favorite programs such as Mother Goose and Books & Breakfast will continue, but at alternative locations around town. We are fortunate that several community organizations have stepped up to host Library events.  Parks & Recreation, the Boys & Girls Club, Keeler Tavern Museum and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum are four locations where you will find us this fall, and more partnerships are being finalized for special programs such as Ridgefield Folk.  

For full details, visit and click on “Program Updates.”

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