Friday, August 31, 2012

Smaller Space, But Plenty to Pick From @ Interim Library

Our temporary location on Governor Street is considerably smaller than the present building, but there will still be plenty of materials from which to pick.  We will have app. 50% of our current collections available, spread across different categories.  Our librarians have gone through the shelves over the past few weeks, carefully selecting those items they think will be most in demand. Children and teens will find many of their old favorites, from Curious George to Harry Potter to “Twilight,” along with a good selection of non-fiction to support school assignments. Most subject areas in adult non-fiction will be represented, including all the travel material. The most sought-after adult fiction and mystery authors and series will be available, along with a sampling of large print and science fiction. Almost all of the audiobooks and DVDs will be available, plus music CDs, videogames, Book Club Corner titles and other popular items.

We will continue to purchase new items in all categories, so you won’t miss out on any new releases. And, of course, anything you can’t find on our shelves can be requested easily through Inter-Library Loan, much of it right on the Bibliomation online catalog, and will be delivered within just a few days.

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