Thursday, June 26, 2014

“Grover” Streamlines Library Operations

Meet Grover.  Actually, the official designation is Bibliotheca SmartSort 100 5-Bin AMH001072-000-US, but we think the moniker of the Sesame Street monster is an apt nickname for our new automated materials handling system – a little intimidating at first glance but ultimately helpful and lovable!  This new technology allows all library materials to be checked in and sorted for re-shelving automatically, without staff having to handle each item. Special sensors read Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags inside each item as it travels down a conveyor belt – no more finding and scanning elusive barcodes. Digital signals then direct each item into one of several bins destined for different areas of the Library.

To gain the maximum accuracy, productivity and efficiency benefits from our investment, we ask that all borrowers follow these simple guidelines when returning items:  
  • Return all borrowed items of all kinds in the special return slots in the lobby or on the outside of the building near the parking lot entrance.
  • Insert one item at a time, bottom edge first.
  • Wait for the green light before inserting the next item.
  • The curious can then watch Grover at work through the windows to the right of the slot.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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