Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teens Invited to Maker Camp @ the Library

This summer, the Ridgefield Library is fortunate to have been selected as an affiliate for the Maker Camp program. Sponsored by Make Magazine and Google, this program encourages teens to “do it themselves” and get creative by, well, making things! Although the Maker Space movement is often associated with 3D printers and computer controllers, in reality, anyone who creates something with their brains and hands is a maker. As part of the Maker Camp program, the Library encourages teens to make things (build a birdhouse, knit a scarf, grow a flower, sew a shirt, code a computer program, paint a picture, digitally edit a photo) and share their creations on Google+.  The Library is on that social network as +Ridgefieldlibrary. From July 7 through August 15, we’ll use Google+ to share things we’ve created, and we want to see what Ridgefield teens come up with! Also, each Friday during those six weeks, there will be a “virtual field trip” at 2pm. Stop in to the Teen Center and we’ll watch on TV as we “visit” the Jim Henson Creature Shop, the Lego factory in Denmark, the cartoon Network studios, and other fun places to inspire teens to make things.

Contributed by Teen Services Librarian Geri Diorio

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