Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Card Designs for the New Library

The Ridgefield Library now offers an array of colorful designs from which card holders may choose.  The newest styles were drawn from the design contest held by the Library in anticipation of the opening of its new building. The winning designs were selected by leaders of the town’s arts community from 80 total entries in five age and experience categories.  The designs have been adapted from the original artwork to fit standard library card specifications and all come with a convenient accompanying keychain card. You can see the choices at the Library or on our website at

The five winners are: Hailey DeWalt (K-5th grade); Catherine D’Jay (Middle School); Sandra Carpenter (High School); Elizabeth DiSalvo (“Adults”); and Michelle Fisher (Professional Artists). Congratulations to all, who were recognized at a special ceremony at the Library in December.

Those getting new cards may choose any of the new or existing styles at no charge.  Existing cardholders may switch to one of the new designs for a nominal $1.00 charge. The "red bird" card designed by Jamison Odone is also still available, at the new price of $1.00. Please bring your existing card with you if you wish to transfer your account to one of the special edition cards. 

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