Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loan Period Changes Effective 5/3

Effective May 3rd, we will be instituting changes to some of the loan periods for items borrowed from the Ridgefield Library.
• New adult books will continue to circulate for 14 days, with one renewal. New books over 500 pages may be kept for 21 days (plus renewal).
• Most DVDs and videos (and also videogames) will remain 7-day loans but automatic renewals will no longer be possible; ask staff for assistance in renewing these items. Series DVDs packaged together will circulate for 14 days.
• Museum passes will continue to be loaned for three days.
• All other items will circulate for 21 days, with one renewal allowed.

These changes are part of an effort to simplify and standardize policies and procedures across the libraries in Bibliomation, the resource sharing network to which the Ridgefield Library belongs. The changes will ensure more consistency, resulting in borrowing rules that are easier to understand and remember. The shift to a 21-day loan for most items will also allow us to move through waiting lists faster and return items more rapidly to the shelves for your browsing convenience.

Please note: Inter-Library Loan items obtained from outside Bibliomation may still have different loan periods, set by the owning library.

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