Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Loan Period & Packaging for Series DVDs

Good news for fans of DVD series! We know that it has been frustrating to try to reserve the individual episodes of “Lost” or “Mad Men” in proper order, since our public catalog interface does not allow patrons to place a hold on a single volume of a series. From now on, all the individual DVDs in one mini-series or one season of a television show will be packaged together and lent as one item. To allow you time to view them all, we have extended the loan period on these special packages to 14 days, with one renewal if there is no waiting list (regular DVDs still circulate for 7 days). So now you can enjoy these popular items in proper sequence, without having to juggle multiple reserve requests that inevitably appear in the wrong order. Just find the item you want in the catalog and place one simple request - or ask library staff to do it for you if you prefer.

Series DVDs are shelved in a separate section (indicated as such in the catalog), which we are moving to the near end of the DVD aisle, where it will be even easier to find what you want.

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