Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Reading Volunteering

Summer is on its way, and that brings Summer Reading to the Ridgefield Library. This year, we are instituting some changes to the sign-up procedure for those wishing to volunteer for the program.

Volunteers must be going into the 6th grade or higher in the fall of 2010.

All volunteers must attend one of two training sessions, scheduled for June 15th and 17th at 4:30 PM.

Each volunteer must bring with them to the training a completed Volunteer Information Sheet, including six preferred dates and times to volunteer. We ask that these dates be checked against all personal and family calendars for the summer before being submitted. We will be using these sheets to construct a volunteer schedule for the entire Summer Reading Program. We will attempt to assign each individual his or her top choices, then go on to 2nd and 3rd preferences if necessary. We will not be having volunteers sign up directly on a big calendar at the training as in the past. Each volunteer will be notified of their assigned time slots once all the information sheets have been collected and compiled.

Volunteer Information Sheets may be obtained in Children’s Services or downloaded from our website at http://www.ridgefieldlibrary.org./

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