Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Older Americans Month at the Library

May is Older Americans Month, an annual celebration of the legacies and ongoing contributions of America’s “seniors,” a demographic group that now spans three generations and continues to grow. Of course, not all seniors are alike, and the Library has a range of services to accommodate the spectrum of interests and abilities of Ridgefield’s older residents.

For the active older adult, we have many programs allowing one to pursue lifelong learning (book discussions, films, scholarly series like the current “Enjoying Joyce” program) and to keep up to date in critical area such as retirement and estate planning and health and medical issues (authoritative medical and financial databases and expert reference librarians). Books, magazines, DVDs and online how-to databases help the curious learn new skills or take up new hobbies in retirement. Volunteer opportunities allow one to give back to the community.

For those whose activities may be somewhat curtailed by the effects of aging, we offer large print books and audiobooks in a number of convenient formats. Many popular programs are offered in daytime sessions for those who prefer not to drive after dark. And for those unable to get to the Library themselves, we will bring our riches to you through our Homebound Delivery program.

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