Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Care of Library Materials

Here are a few tips for the care of materials loaned out by the Library. Let’s pretend I am a book. Please keep me clean. Use a bookmark to keep track of where you are in me. Bookmarks are available at the library – just ask at the circulation or service desks. Please don’t crack my spine when you open me up.

Now let’s pretend I am a disc such as a DVD, CD or CD-ROM. Keep me away from the sun in your car. My case will distort from the heat, and I can fall out onto the ground. I appreciate being handled in a gentle manner by the outer edges.  Lift me out of my case by releasing the center button - no yanking please.
If you have a problem with me, report it when you return me and the staff in Technical Services will inspect me.  Please alert the folks at the circulation desk which disc and track is defective.  The Technical Services department uses a machine to polish and clean me when I am soiled or scratched. Unfortunately, I can only be polished about three times. So the cleaner you can keep me, the longer I can be borrowed.

Contributed by Bobbie Hermann, Technical Services Supervisor

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