Thursday, December 30, 2010

Library Consortium Promotes Resource Sharing

The Ridgefield Library and approximately 50 others within Connecticut constitute the Bibliomation consortium for sharing resources, including automation technology and materials.   In many cases, this allows your request for an item to be fulfilled automatically by a copy from another Bibliomation library.  However, be aware that not all libraries lend DVDs or audiobooks via Inter-Library Loan; also, loan periods on media items may check out for less than the week we allow. We recommend asking our staff for help with requesting these items.

Libraries such as Redding, Brookfield, Bethel and Newtown are in Bibliomation and share our computer system. Within Bibliomation, functions such as check-in and fulfillment of requests are closely coordinated. A number of other Fairfield County libraries, however, are not in Bibliomation, including Wilton, Danbury, New Canaan, Norwalk and Westport.  Through the statewide ConnectiCard system, we can accept items borrowed from them and mark them as returned, but be aware that there may be a delay before they are actually checked in.
Returns and requests are transferred between libraries by the ConnectiCar delivery service, and it can take several days for the process to complete, so please be patient when taking advantage of these convenient reciprocity opportunities.

Contributed by Trevor Gladwin, Circulation Supervisor

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